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ersonalized Medical Transport

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We are a small business providing transportation services to the local Hampton Roads region. Dedicated to providing the friendliest and most reliable transportation in the area!

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Our mission is to personalize the experience of patients, members, and caregivers everywhere. We are committed to delivering reliable, on-time, exceptional transportation to our members. 


We strive to provide a distinct and pleasant experience to each member by treating everyone as individuals with specific preferences and tastes. We desire for each member to feel valued and ride with a business they trust. We expect each member to receive their own personalized encounter each time we meet!

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Contact Us for Inquiries!

37 Frances St.

Newport News, VA 23601

(757) 907-0063

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We have a reliable fleet who is here to serve you while making sure you are safe and comfortable on the way to your pre-scheduled appointment.

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