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Our NEMT Service

We play an essential role in transporting individuals who require further assistance while in route to and from their pre-scheduled appointments. Our services consist of transportation to and from doctor's, dentist, dialysis, or follow-up appointments, etc., as well as trips to rehab, adult day care, or mental health centers and more. It is our main goal to provide safe and comfortable transportation for individuals to rely on in times of need.

Wheelchair Accessibility_1

Wheelchair Transportation WC

Our wheelchair accessible vehicles are equipped and certified to accommodate customer's need while safely transporting to and from appointments.

from $50 base rate each way

Ambulatory Transportation

We offer ambulatory transportation to those who are not in need of mobility assistance up to three members at a time in route to pre-scheduled appointments.

from $30 base rate each away

Man on Walker
Comforting Hands

Bariatric Transportation

Our drivers are professionally trained and certified individuals equipped with our full-sized emergency standard vehicle to properly transport each bariatric member according to their specific needs.

from $60 base rate each way

Long Distance

We provide long distance transportation for loved ones that may not be able to ride in a regular vehicle due to medical attention that is required. We have fully equipped vehicles for a safe and comfortable

trip along the way.

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